Date Archives 2023

Openai ChatGPT3 and the Robot Curve

With public availability of ChatGPT3 people got suddenly exposed to Artificial Intelligence and what it can do. Some are being alarmed about what all careers will be lost and some are enthusiastic about what all possibilities we will unlock. For those who are scared about their careers and job losses, this…

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Reading Theme for this year: Nature and Religion

I just ordered the first lot of books this year on my kindle. Most of these books are on Nature, Sustainability and Religion. This is in sync with what I have decided to be the key theme for reading this year. I want to read and explore the relationship between…

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My Reading List – 2022

I already wrote about what happened with my reading routine and habit this year. But still managed to read some books. Here are the books that I finished this year. There are at least 3-4 books that I am done halfway and will include them in the next years list….

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