The 1.5 degree scenario is almost beyond our reach.

Photo by Alto Crew on Unsplash The IPCC Assessment Report 6– The physical sciences bases is full of bad news for humanity and a lot of science highlighting and supporting why we need to take this bad news seriously. It gives us more and more evidences (as if we did not already have enough!) that the global warming isContinue reading “The 1.5 degree scenario is almost beyond our reach.”

Going beyond the words and promises

You always have choices and will be known for what you chose. A company in Australia realized that it had a silly product in its portfolio. Packaged Drinking Water- a major source of plastic pollution. It stopped producing it. No justification, no convoluted statements. On the other side, you will find corporates ad-washing their sins byContinue reading “Going beyond the words and promises”

Addressing Household Air Pollution and Celebrating Cooking : Dharma Chef

Household Air Pollution (HAP) is emerging as a major health risk and is responsible for more  than 4.3 million premature deaths globally every year. The biggest and most common contributor to HAP is the use of biomass fuels for cooking in our traditional cookstoves. Availability of free biomass, free traditional cookstoves, and our age-old andContinue reading “Addressing Household Air Pollution and Celebrating Cooking : Dharma Chef”

Lighting Up Young Minds

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood. -Agatha Christie Indeed, a happy childhood is something that every kid deserves. On this literacy day, we started something that was our contribution to add happiness to some childhoods. We (know more about what weContinue reading “Lighting Up Young Minds”

Killer in the kitchen

Several news articles highlighted the deteriorating air quality in Delhi and its impact on health. Many of my friends and colleagues started contemplating options that can save them from air-pollution. They discussed options ranging from buying masks and air-purifiers to shifting to a city with better air quality. These frequent news and articles about air-pollutionContinue reading “Killer in the kitchen”