The Most Read Research Papers on ESG

Financial Times did an article on the most read research papers on ESG and here are the top five from the list. The list is based on the download data on SSRN.

Irrespective of whether SSRN download data is a good parameter, the list does contain articles that have been seminal pieces on ESG. On top of the list is Aswath Damodaran’s “Valuing ESG: Doing Good or Sounding Good” which questions whether ESG adds any additional value. He created a big debate on the effectiveness of ESG.

“Telling firms that being socially responsible will deliver higher growth, profits, and value is false advertising.” – Aswath Damodaran

While Aswath Damodaran might not see any value in ESG but this recent paper, published in January 2023, “The effects of Mandatory ESG Disclosure around the World” says that ESG disclosure improves the information environment and has beneficial capital market effects.

The Most Read Research Papers on ESG

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