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Capturing Memories and Growing with ‘Photography’

I bought my first ‘DSLR’ (a Nikon D3200) in 2012 and the trigger was a trip to Germany. Before that I had a point and shoot Sony CyberShot that I had bought in 2005, that too was to capture pictures on internship trip to West Africa. These were simple decisions to buy a camera that I can afford – no considerations of their capabilities or technical specifications. Both these cameras…

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Reading Theme for this year: Nature and Religion

I just ordered the first lot of books this year on my kindle. Most of these books are on Nature, Sustainability and Religion. This is in sync with what I have decided to be the key theme for reading this year. I want to read and explore the relationship between Nature and Religion. There is no denying that our lifestyle and choices that we make are one of the most…

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My Reading List – 2022

I already wrote about what happened with my reading routine and habit this year. But still managed to read some books. Here are the books that I finished this year. There are at least 3-4 books that I am done halfway and will include them in the next years list. Four Thousand Weeks : Time Management for Mortals by Oliver Burman The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel Don’t Even…

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2022 Year in Review: Reading and Books

It is an early morning on a weekend and I am trying to get my thoughts together to plan for the year end trip to Pondicherry. One of the key decisions is to pick up my favourite books that I want to read during this year-end break. There are books all around my work-desk reminding me that I have been too busy to read this year. Probably the first year…

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Tapri, Jaipur – The cool ‘hangout’

Finding a place that gives you a space to think, great ‘chai’ and good inspiration is an indescribable pleasure. Tapri in Jaipur ( is one such place. When we walked into this place, it was just starting its morning hours and it has an ethereal charm of unoccupied, beautifully decorated space.  The seats next to the big-windows overlooking a large open greanspace amidst of which Indian flag was swaying..  this…

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Kanwar Yatra

Captured this from my car window while traveling from Rishikesh to Delhi. Right from Rishikesh to Delhi, the road was full of colorful Kanwars and Kanwariys. Dancing, chanting, running.. this was a sight to behold.

Rural kids need a better education

We have made some good progress in improving our literacy levels, sending more children to schools and reducing the percentage of dropouts. However, the quality of rural education remains a cause of concern (ASER 2017). The quality of primary education is one of the most critical factors in shaping one’s life. Unfortunately, the quality of primary education in rural India is abysmal. Right from poor infrastructure to poor quality of…

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No mercy

I always wondered why people turn violent, why they want to kill somebody, knowing very well that it is going to ruin their life as well. Life gave me a first hand experience to explore the answer or should I say that enlightened me with answer. As usual, I went to my home town on weekends and after spending weekend I was returning by Gwalior Mail (From Barauni to Gwalior)….

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