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Capturing Memories and Growing with ‘Photography’

I bought my first ‘DSLR’ (a Nikon D3200) in 2012 and the trigger was a trip to Germany. Before that I had a point and shoot Sony CyberShot that I had bought in 2005, that too was to capture pictures on internship trip to West Africa. These were simple decisions to buy a camera that I can afford – no considerations of their capabilities or technical specifications. Both these cameras…

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Tapri, Jaipur – The cool ‘hangout’

Finding a place that gives you a space to think, great ‘chai’ and good inspiration is an indescribable pleasure. Tapri in Jaipur ( is one such place. When we walked into this place, it was just starting its morning hours and it has an ethereal charm of unoccupied, beautifully decorated space.  The seats next to the big-windows overlooking a large open greanspace amidst of which Indian flag was swaying..  this…

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Kanwar Yatra

Captured this from my car window while traveling from Rishikesh to Delhi. Right from Rishikesh to Delhi, the road was full of colorful Kanwars and Kanwariys. Dancing, chanting, running.. this was a sight to behold.

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One of the most poisonous of the creatures is helpless in front humans. Undoubtedly,  we are the most destructive species on the planet. 

Despite all the hardship of childhood in rural India.. There are some pleasures that is rare in urban setup.

Testing whether the improved cookstoves are meeting “ours” and users’ expectations. #cleancookstoves #ics

Drilling down, moving forward A boring is being drilled in a village in Vaishali district of Bihar. The farmers are excited and curious; this boring will be used to install a solar powered irrigation pump.