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  • What I read in 2012

    Non-fiction The Stuff of Thoughts by Steven Pinker Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell Fiction A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino Shibumi by Trevanian Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro Things Fall Apart by China Achebe Less… Continue reading

  • muCommander – The best MacOS Finder alternative

    After the recent upgrade of MacOS, Finder has been crashing without any reason. This was pretty annoying when Finder is at core of almost all the work you do on your macbook. I also realized that Finder is pretty useless when it comes to dealing with networked storage locations, specially using ‘smb’ protocol. just… Continue reading

  • Buying eBooks in India ?

    A few weeks ago, Apple opened its iTunes music and movies store for India users but Apple bookstore is still not available for Indian users. Similarly, Google Market/Google Play does not offer its vast collection of ebooks to Indian users. The Indian stores Flipkart and infibeam do offere ebooks but their collection is nothing much… Continue reading

  • 2% extra for credit card payments?

    There are many shopkeepers that insist on 2-5% extra for payments made through credit cards. And often, we have to either to pay the demanded extra money or move to another shop. The 2-5 percent is the extra money that, the shopkeepers claim, is paid to bank or the credit card provider. However, the banks… Continue reading

  • iPad Mini: A disappointment

    The iPad 3rd generation (with ratina display) is a fantastic piece of technology but it is surely not for those who want to use it for prolonged period as a book reader. It is too big and too heavy to be a great ebook reader. So when the rumors started about the possibility of miniature… Continue reading