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The best blog-editor for Mac

I have been searching for a good blog-editor for MacOS and experimented with a number of them (Sadly there are not many available). Most of the professional bloggers on MacOS use either Ecto or MarsEdit and while these are decent options, these are not free and I would not say the best options for amateurs bloggers for two reasons. One, they are still have some bugs, and second, they are not free. There is another option Qumana, which is available all the platforms, but I find it rather slow and buggy.

Finally I settled down to Scribefire, a very powerful browser extension that is available for Firefox, Opera and Chrome and available for all platforms. It offeres all the features of a normal desktop blog-editor and very light on resources. It supports all the major blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress, Liverjournal) and if you are using any of the free blogging platforms the installation is breeze. You just need to fill in the blog url and it automatically detects the settings.Scribefire-the blog editor

Though configuring self-hosted blogs is a bit problematic. I did not detect the settings for my this ( wordpress blog automatically and I had to provide the settings manually. But it is not that difficult. Here is how you can easily configure it.

1. First, login to your blog admin (htttp://blogurl/wp-admin)

2. Go to Dashboard–>Setting–>Writing and enable remote publising xml-rpc (tick it on if it is not already ticked)

3. Now install the ScribeFire extension in your browser, open it and click on Add a new blog.

4.  Fill in the blog url, Select blogtype -Wordpress, and put your api url (http://yourblogurl/xml-rpc/php)

5. Provide your blog admin username and password.

You are all set to blog now.



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  2. Thanks Santosh, got my ICloud email working on my droid!

  3. This worked like a dream the first time!
    I work for U.S. Cellular and will share these settings with my customers!
    (I have an LG Genesis)

    Thank you!!

  4. Thanks Santosh, got my ICloud email working on galaxy note
    Fantastic !!!
    I have one question – id like to use mt iPad , outlook on my lap top n galaxy
    iPad n outlook emails sent folder is called sent message but galaxy sent folder is called sent
    Is there any possible way to set all sent email go to nominated holder ( like, sent message folder)
    So all three device can use

    1. Let me have a look.. never thought about it. Will give it a try if there is a workaround.

  5. Worked fabulously!

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