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Inadequate investments and slow growth of renewable energy will make Energy Transition painful.

If you have been reading about the success of solar energy and how renewable energy is going to replace coal, then the recent news of the coal shortage and the impending global energy crisis might baffle you. For the last 2-3 weeks the newspapers have been highlighting how we are running out of coal and gas for our power plants and there might be blackouts. And, this is not an…

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The 1.5 degree scenario is almost beyond our reach.

  The IPCC Assessment Report 6– The physical sciences bases is full of bad news for humanity and a lot of science highlighting and supporting why we need to take this bad news seriously. It gives us more and more evidences (as if we did not already have enough!) that the global warming is caused by humans and every tonne of CO2 emission contributes to global warming.  These are not new…

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