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2022 Year in Review: Reading and Books

It is an early morning on a weekend and I am trying to get my thoughts together to plan for the year end trip to Pondicherry. One of the key decisions is to pick up my favourite books that I want to read during this year-end break. There are books…

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Net Zero Goals and Rush For Carbon Credits

  Recently, a number of friends reached out to me to know more about ‘Carbon Credits’; knowing well that their interest in climate change and carbon credits was very limited, it was slightly surprising for me to have their keen queries on carbon credits. It did not take much time…

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What I read in 2021

Non-fiction This year I consumed more reports on climate change and carbon market than books. COP26 was a landmark event for everyone whether working on climate change or not and it produced a lot of decisions and debates, resulting in hundreds of reports and opinion pieces. Before the COP26, we…

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