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  • Rural kids need a better education

    Rural kids need a better education

    We have made some good progress in improving our literacy levels, sending more children to schools and reducing the percentage of dropouts. However, the quality of rural education remains a cause of concern (ASER 2017). The quality of primary education is one of the most critical factors in shaping one’s life. Unfortunately, the quality of… Continue reading

  • Amazon Echo vs Google Home – The right smart speaker for you

    India’s is often a neglected market for high-end and innovative consumer tech products. But gradually this is changing. Many of the latest consumer tech products are available in India after a few months of global launch. But for one of the hottest and fast-growing consumer product ‘smart speakers’, it is quite a delayed launch in… Continue reading

  • What I read in 2017 – Part 2 (Fiction)

    What I read in 2017 – Part 2 (Fiction)

    I read a lot of fiction. Mostly crime-fiction, it is my guilty pleasure and companion on all my flights. Choosing what to read has been a very random decision. Sometimes I pick a book because I wanted to explore a new author or explore crime-fiction from a different country, language or theme.. And sometimes just… Continue reading

  • What I read in 2017- 1 (Non-fiction)

    What I read in 2017- 1 (Non-fiction)

    Thanks to my sleeping disorder and the age-old habit of going to bed with a book or kindle, I did manage to finish 30 books this year. There are several books that I left midway or just finished a few chapters and dropped them (or put them on to-be-finished-later list). While crime-fiction remains my guilty… Continue reading