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Power to the People

No this is not the John Lennon’s famous song.. this is the title of the report which kept me busy for almost two years and the main reason why there were no updates on this blog. Finally the study is complete and the report is done, and the feedback and comments about the report made me feel that it was worth the effort.

If you are wondering what this report is all about… this report estimates the market potential for clean technology products and services for low income households in India and provides an overview of the sector to potential investors and other stakeholders. Yes, clean technology for low income households has been on theme I have been working for almost three years now. While the sector is still in very early stage I am happy to see the way it is growing. If you are interested in clean energy or base of the pyramid (BoP) market, I would suggest you to go through the report and comment.

Now, since I am relatively free I am going to read some books, visit a few places or just simply stay put at my home and watch some movies. Meanwhile, I already started working on my list of 100 most popular/recommended books of modern times. Will update about the list and my recent reads in my next post.

2 responses to “Power to the People”

  1. Way to go!!!!
    Pls the 100-list soooon, I am desperately wanting to read some new books and come out of my oh-the-classics-are-so-classy loop.

  2. Stupendous report. I have gone through the report. It conveys in-depth analysis. I look forward for more such research pieces. I hope this information get disseminated to the people at the BOP.

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