Going beyond the words and promises


You always have choices and will be known for what you chose.

A company in Australia https://thankyou.co/categories realized that it had a silly product in its portfolio. Packaged Drinking Water- a major source of plastic pollution. It stopped producing it. No justification, no convoluted statements.

On the other side, you will find corporates ad-washing their sins by mushy PR campaigns, headline-grabbing sustainability announcement wherein the money committed to sustainability returns more PR value and does nothing to the actual cause.

When you see an emotional ad that connects with you as it portrays the story of compassion, sustainability and reminds you to be more humane and less evil, do ask a question: do they believe in it?

Or they are using us to sell more products .. or to make their ads viral .. to grab more views.. to achieve more sales.. to establish their brand image by absolving themselves of their past sins..

Most of these companies used our inferiority complex to sell more products. Now, we have become more aware.. more conscious.. so they use our compassion and humanity to sell more products.

Times are changing.. I am waiting for all of us to be more critical, more questioning, and less forgiving when our core values and the future of our kids are in question.

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