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What I read in 2020

  2020 started horribly for me, and I am not talking about the pandemic which came later. The horrible start of the year forced me to agonise over and introspect about many things that would have never caught my attention normally. The vortex of pain… Read More

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The Oraganized Mind

Despite my several attempts to organize information in different ways, I am still to find a way that works decently for me. My job frequently requires synthesizing a lot of information,  and to do that I need to quickly retrieve information, often stored in different… Read More

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Decoded – An Unusual Thriller

Although, Decoded blurb and reviews considered the book to be a thriller, it is surely not a thriller in the traditional sense. It is a languid and intriguing story of a mathematical genius who worked for a top secret cryptography unit of Chinese government. However,… Read More

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Back to books

Finally after all the madness in las few weeks I am relaxed and completely free from any professional commitment for a week. It really feels good to be free to decide what you want to do next .. read books, listen to music or just… Read More

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My Reading List, 2008

Fiction Sacred Games By Viikram Chandra Bandicoots in moonlight by Avijit Ghosh The Girl with Dragon Tatoo by Steig Larsson Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Non-Fiction Egonomics by David Marcum and Steven Smith The Cult of Amateurs  by Andrew Keen A… Read More