Climate Finance for MSME

Here’s why we urgently need to make climate finance accessible for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and how we can begin to do so.

Building an ecosystem to save an ecosystem 

Building an Ecosystem to Save an Ecosystem: How Facilitating Climate Finance for MSMEs Can Fight Global Climate Change

Smart Villages

Some thoughts on the favourite buzz word in rural development discussions..

The Kaleidoscope of Cooking 

Explored the cooking behaviour of Indian rural households. This report was instrumental in shaping many conversations on India Clean Cooking journey.

Power to People


We explored the market for energy access product for low income households. This was the report that estimated the market size and helped entrepreneurs and investors tap the emerging opportunities in this sector.

Economic Environment Index

This is the first attempt in India to capture economic environment at sub-state level. We developed the index to measure the economic environment at district level. I really wanted to do this for my home state Bihar but could not find the data to build this for Bihar. We finally developed this for Tamilnadu. (The findings fuelled some political discussions and we found ourselves on TOI frontage.)

Empower Villages – A brief note on biomass mini-grids 

A brief note that was written in the time when mini-grids and biomass power were considered the next big things.