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Openai ChatGPT3 and the Robot Curve

With public availability of ChatGPT3 people got suddenly exposed to Artificial Intelligence and what it can do. Some are being alarmed about what all careers will be lost and some are enthusiastic about what all possibilities we will unlock. For those who are scared about their careers and job losses, this is not something that is happening for the first time. Marty Neumeier’s Robot Curve explains this quite succinctly.

The Robot Curve depicts how creative and thinking processes get routinised and automated overtime. Creative work when it becomes well understood it becomes skilled work and then rote work and then goes all the way to be come robotic work. It keeps on repeating. The only thing that we can do is to reinvent and transform ourselves to move up on this curve by preparing ourselves to do more creative and original work. Continuous learning and up-skilling oneself to do more original and creative work is the only way to remain relevant.


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