About me

I appreciate your curiosity. This page is to provide you some information so that you might find some common threads to connect.

I am a 40-something-male living in Delhi who is curious about learning new things and ‘learning about how to learn better and faster’. You can find me often talking passionately about my work that focuses on climate action and sustainable development. I leverage policy, behavioural sciences, finance and technology to address different sustainability issues.

Personally, I am very fond of taking pictures of my daughter and family and that compelled me to study photography as an art form. I read a lot and read a very diverse range of themes (typically picking up a theme and then going deep into that theme for years). Some of the themes that I have explored are, philosophy, leadership, Indology, technology & innovation, productivity and personal knowledge management etc. Apart from non-fiction, I am big time fan of well-written murder-mystery and thrillers.

My journey so far has been supported by many individuals who guided me supported in many ways and I do my bit by giving it back by helping students and young folks develop better meta-skills (critical thinking, learning, problem solving etc.). I often teach different courses related to sustainability and management at universities and business schools.

You can reach out to me at mail@santoshsingh.net

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