Disclaimer: Backup your phone data and do it at your own risk, this can brick your phone.

Rooting unleashes the enormous power available with Samsung Galaxy S (SGS)’s super hardware, but sadly there are no official application to do that. Also, there are many applications which are pain in wrong place to get a rooted SGS. Luckily, I tested an android app ‘z4root’ which is in my opinion the easiest way to get your SGS (with Froyo, android 2.2) rooted.

Follow the given below instructions for rooting your SGS. You need to know how  to transfer files from your computer to SGS; if you use Windows OS you can download latest version of Kies from official site of SGS and use that for transferring files. In case you are using MacOS, you can connect your SGS as external usb drive and transfer files.


1. Go to Settings>> Applications and check on “Unknown Sources”. This will allow you to install non-android market applications.
2. Now Download z4root from this link.. (remember this app is not  available in android market), save the apk file on computer and transfer it to your phone memore/external card.
3. Locate the apk file using file manager “My Files’ on your SGS and install z4root.apk file.
4. After installation launch the application and select “Root” option. And you are done.

This has worked pretty nicely for me on My SGS running froyo.

37 thoughts on “How to root your Samsung Galaxy S- The easiest way..

  1. Ive tried using Z4 root on my SGS (froyo) its starts running then just cuts out. ive tried so many times to root the phone but keep hitting brick walls, any advice would be much appreciated.


    1. I turned my phone off, took the battery out, and opened the app again and it still is attempting to apply the root. Any suggestions?


  2. wow some people can’t read it says 2.2 it doesn’t say gingerbread witch is 2.3 duh read up on it do some of your own research


  3. did it all, opened app and stays on loading page that says running exploit in order to obtain root access….idk what to do. i really want my phone rooted


  4. To those whose phone just sits there with the message “running exploit in order to obtain root access” doing nothing…reboot your phone (I had to pull my battery out to do this). When it’s rebooted, find the z4root in your list of apps on your phone and click “root” again. It works a treat the second time around. http://youtu.be/gvB4YSIC2Vw


      1. didn’t work, sits there with the same message “attempting to apply root”. Tried several times. Any other thoughts?


    1. I don;t think you can do that. The firmware is specific to the phone. the inner workings of the phone would need to be changed which isn’t worth the time, effort, or money.


  5. Hey, all, Kat is right but before you can root successfully, u Should Have Busybox installer installed on ur fone first. While rooting, if you get the message “running exploit in order to obtain root access” doing nothing…reboot your phone (I had to pull my battery out to do this too). When it’s rebooted, find the z4root in your list of apps on your phone and click “root” again. It definitely works the second time around.


  6. So on September 30, 2011 someone said z4root has embedded trojans! Can someone confirm/deny this??

    I sure don’t need a trojan on my phone!


    1. Ok I confirmed at least that the link posted (http://www.addictivetips.com/wp-content/uploads/android/z4root.zip) has a virus:

      Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations
      Access denied
      The requested URL could not be retrieved

      While trying to retrieve the URL:


      The following error was encountered:

      The requested object is INFECTED with the following viruses: Exploit.Linux.Lotoor.g

      Please contact your service provider if you consider it incorrect.
      21-Oct-2011 3:30:16 PM
      Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations


      1. I read on another forum that this virus might actually be the Linux exploit required to gain root access. Hmm who knows?


  7. I just DL’ed the file from the link on this page and got a severe virus alert from MS security essentials “Explot:Unix/Lotoor” Luckily I didn’t unzip the file. There’s a lot of great info on rooting on the XNA forums.


  8. I have a samsung galaxy s gt-i9003. I tried to root it with z4root but whenever i open the app, it tells me to enable usb debugging and opens the menu for enabling debugging. After i’ve enabled it and try to open the app it again asks me to enable usb debugging and opens the corresponding menu whereas i’ve enabled it beforehand. Please help me.


  9. I have Samsung Galazy S
    i tried to root and its stuck on ATTEMPTING TO APPLY ROOT…
    i have rebooted several times with no avail.

    I just want to change my themes, and I was told i am supposed to root my phone first.

    any suggestions??


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