We are in news..

Since last one year we have been working on it, right from developing concept paper to fine tuning the methodology. The District Level Economic Governance for Tamilnadu is now in news.

See the links..


Times of India

It all started with the concept paper ( http://ifmr.ac.in/cdf/downloads/egi.pdf) I wrote last year and since then we have been working on developing indicators/ sub-indices and facing the problems such as  how to assign weightage to different sub-indices, how to ensure buy in from different stake-holders..etc. Now we are in quite advance stage and very soon this index is going to make a lot of noise…

4 thoughts on “We are in news..

  1. Hi Santosh,

    just read your paper. Many congratulations. Very interesting! Are you allowed to share the aggregation methodology? How accurate is the data collection?
    how much is the correlation between this index and other broader market indices.


    1. Thanks. The aggregation methodology and other details are coming soon. They would be available publicly so I would let you know. As far data collection and other things.. we have outsourced survey work to CMIE (Center for Monitoring Indian Economy) and about to get data from about 3000 households and 1500 business units spread across all districts of TN.


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